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It’s May and this Wedding Crashers movie quote comes to mind:
Jeremy: What do you like better, Christmas or Wedding season? (raises hand)
John: Mister Grey.
Jeremy: Yes, um, the answer would be, um, wedding season?
John: Bingo.

It’s an exciting time and behind the scenes I have a new website and blog in the works.


So if you’re looking for my most current work LIKE my Facebook Page or heck let’s just become facebook or instagram friends and you’ll no doubt see daily dog and house renovation updates.
I’ll be sure to update you there when the new is up and running!
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Mother’s Day Portraits . 1740 House . Ashland, MA

In November 2008 I was photographing a professional conference and was approached by someone. She asked me if I took family pictures. At the time…. No. I’d been out of photography school a year and a half but in that time got a staff job photographing corporate events and business headshots, but that’s all I did.

We exchanged information and in a few weeks I met up to shoot with Brianna & Brooklynn at Stanley Park in Westfield, MA (I was surprised to see this old blog post was still online, that and a lot of other throwbacks)

So that was my first official post-school Steph Stevens Photo client job. Here’s this shoot 5.5 years later on Mother’s Day last week. No one cried, I shoot with better equipment, technically the photos are better, editing is cleaner. It’s so nice to look back and not absolutely cringe at older work, but also know that there’s progress in all directions.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms I know!!

Some winter hiking last year with Roxy (Ben’s Mom) and MaryAnn (my Mom).

And some of the other beautiful Moms I have come to know and spend some very important days with.

I love that these photos are probably framed on a side table in someone’s living room.

If they aren’t…. they should be!! Can I help?

Mary Ann Siron - May 11, 2014 - 12:19 am

So sweet ,I am honored to be your Mom,here’s to more of life’s adventures!!! xxxxooox Mom PS more hiking this Wednesday,see you and the dog-grandchildren then.

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Chamberlain Farm Wedding with Ars Magna Studio

One of the many great things about being a wedding photographer is getting invited to shoot along side other talented wedding photographers and share in more amazing wedding days.

Last October I second shot for friend Allana of Ars Magna Studio.


I love to experience “firsts” and this was my first wedding with Indian traditions. Nidhi & Julie blended their families, friends and traditions into a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Chamberlain Farm in Berkley, MA.

Enjoy some other moments from the day!

A First Look around a tree!

Umbrellas that we didn’t really need, BUT that’s a good thing!

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